Welcome to the Singularity Tutorial#

In recent years, container runtimes have become an indispensable tool in large computing environments and high performance computing (HPC) labs.

The SingularityCE community designed SingularityCE containers specifically for HPC applications. Unlike other popular options, Singularity containers work seamlessly with existing HPC tools, including batch schedulers, job managers, and message passing interface (MPI) capabilities.

This tutorial:

  • Introduces SingularityCE and its key features and tools

  • Explains how to install and run SingularityCE containers

  • Provides guidance for using key features and tools

  • Tutorial examples and code excerpts are written for compatibility with version 3.11 of SingularityCE or SingularityPRO.

If you wish to improve the contents of this course, feel free to share your feedback to support@sylabs.io

For your convenience, this course is also available in PDF format.

Table of Contents#